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Time lapsed photography of Total Lunar Eclipse observed from Pune, India Stacked 44 images, clicked with the duration of 5 minutes
Photographer: Sagar Gokhale
E-mail: gokhalesagar [at]
Location: New English School, Tilak Road, Pune, India
Date: 10 December 2011; 6.14 to 9.40 pm
Camera: Nicon D3000; Lens: AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6G ISO - 200; Focal length: 24 mm; F 4.5 Exposure for each image range from 1/100 to 1 sec


Composite Image of the Moon passing through the Earth’s shadow
Photographer: Parimal Dave
E-mail: parimaldave [at]
Location: Aundh, Anand Park, Pune City, INDIA
Date: 10th Dec 2011, 12:30 UT to 17:30 UT
Equipment: 4” Celestron telescope F/13 computerized telescope at Prime focus
Camera: Canon 550D DSLR
Exposure time – ISO 400/800. Different exposures from 2 seconds, 6 sec, 8 sec, 10 sec & at Totality 25 seconds.