The terms and conditions for telescope library membership:

  • Telescope with two eyepieces can be borrowed from office.
  • There will be refundable deposit of Rs. 500/-. There will not be any fee.
  • One should be a regular member (life/annual/student) of Jyotirvidya Parisanstha at least for six months.
  • Members can borrow the telescope for a month.
  • In case of any damage, member has to replace the part.

List of telescopes :

  • 4″ Newtonian
  • 5″ Newtonian
  • 5″ Newtonian
  • 6″ Newtonian
  • 6″ Newtonian with equatorial mount
  • Small radio telescope for sun observation
  • Adapters- Cellphone, T-Rings

For more information please contact us at the JVP office

JVP reserves the right to allow/deny access to the telescope library facility.