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Jyotirvidya Parisanstha (known as JVP to people of Pune) is the oldest association of amateur astronomers in India. On August 22, 1944 eminent citizens of Pune formed JVP, primarily for the spread of knowledge of astronomy among the public and also to make their own contribution as far as possible. It was the first association of its kind and remained so far for a few decades.   more...


October Star Party - 18 October 2014

Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, Pune has organized an overnight Star-party on October 18, 2014 near Nasarapur, Pune-Satara Road, Dist. Pune. Program will start with sunset on 18th October and will close by sunrise of 19th. On 7th October, Uranus was in opposition with Sun. So it is good opportunity to observe Uranus in this month. During the program; one can enjoy unaided eye star gazing; telescopic viewing of Moon, Jupiter, Jupiter’s moon, star clusters, galaxies and nebulae, etc. Program also includes slide shows or short film and astrogames. For more information and registration, please contact Aparna Kinkar: 8308831973 or Aniruddha Deshpande: 9822612737.


Recently @ JVP

An Exhibition on "Optical Observatories - Infinity Focussed with Giant Eye" was held during 19-21 September 2014 at Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center, Ghole Road, Pune. The aim of the exhibition was to spread the knowledge regarding the astronomical observatories with large telescopes. The exhibition provided information on basics of telescopes; working of big observatories like Keck telescope, GMT, LBT, etc.; amateur observatories, pre-telescope era observatories like Jantar Mantar, etc. Exhibition consisted of posters, models of some observatories, Jyotirvidya’s telescope setups, multimedia displays, short films, etc.
TMT model


Annual Report for 2013-14


The Governing Council of Jyotirvidya Parisanstha (JVP) is very pleased to put forward annual report of 70th year. Parisanstha progressed significantly in this year and we thank all the members of the Parisanstha who made the programs of Parisanstha a great success.

Thank you all for your support.

Annual Report: Marathi